Section 64 – Industrial Disputes (Central) Rules, 1957

64. Fees for the Commissioner, etc.

(1) The Labor Court shall, after consultation with the parties, estimate the probable duration of the enquiry and fix the amount of the Commissioner’s fees and other incidental expenses and direct the payment thereof into the nearest treasury, within a specified time, by such party or parties and in such proportion as it may consider fit. The Commissioner shall not issue until satisfactory evidence of the deposit into the treasury of the sum fixed is filed before the Labor Court:

PROVIDED that the Labor Court may from time to time direct that any further sum or sums be deposited into the treasury within such time and by such parties as it may consider fit:

PROVIDED FURTHER that the Labor Court may in its discretion, extend the time for depositing the sum into the treasury.

(2) The Labor Court may, at any time, for reasons to be recorded in writing , vary the amount of the Commissioner’s fees in consultation with the parties.

(3) The Labor Court may direct that the fees shall be disbursed to the Commissioner in such installments and on such date as it may consider fit.

(4) The undisbursed balance, if any, of the sum deposited shall be refunded to the party or parties who deposited the sum in the same proportion as that in which it was deposited.

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