2. Definitions

In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires:-

(a) “Act” means the Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991 (6 of 1991);

(b) “advisory committee” means the committee constituted by the Central Government in accordance with section 21 of the Act called the Public Liability Insurance Advisory Committee (PLIAC);

(c) “authorized physician” means any person registered under any Central Act or State Act providing for the maintenance of a register of medical practitioners or in any area where no such last mentioned Act is in force, any person declared by State Government by notification in the Official Gazette to be a qualified medical practitioner;

(d) 1[“Fund” means the Public Liability Insurance Fund established] and maintained by an owner in accordance with the proviso of sub-section (3) of section 4 of the Act;

(e) Words and expressions used in these rules but not defined and defined in the Act shall have the meanings respectively a signed to them in these Acts.

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