Hidden Agendas Behind Proposed ‘Sexual Harassment Law’

Most of the contemporary pro-feminist legislations of India, dating from the 1980s, turn out to be totally one-sided, with unacceptable hidden motives and just plain wrong.

The new proposed legislation against ‘Sexual Harassment’ being pushed by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, National Commission for Women and other Femo-Fascist organizations continues with the Femo-Fascist agenda of destroying Democracy and the Principle of Equality before the law, by criminalizing all men and excluding them even from judicial powers. 

Wrong 1: Constitution of the Committee: 

The proposed legislation practically means:
The Committee at Parliament-level which will look into allegations of sexual harassment in Parliament will have 3 members, exclusively women, of which, one will be a professional women's rights activist from outside the parliament. 

Similarly, at the district level committee in all courts, there will be 3 members, all exclusively women, one of then being a professional women's rights activist. 

Chartered Accountants will have at every state or the union territory level, a similar committee, comprising have 3 members, exclusively women, of which, one will be a professional women's rights activist.

Similarly for the Bar Councils, Orphanages, Charitable Homes and also for Children’s Homes 

Objection: Why are men being systematically excluded from these very powerful legal commity(s)? 

Are we saying that all the men in parliament are not competent, but women members are competent? 

That all male Additional District Magistrates (ADMs) and Civil & Sessions Court Judges are incompetent to be part of this Committee but women judges are competent? 

That all the highly educated male Charted Accountants in India not even good enough to be part of this very powerful Judicial Committee(s)?
Reason for objection: I think there are 2 persons involved, one is male and one is female. Sometimes man may find it easy to express themselves to men, and women may find it easy to express themselves to women. We should have both man and women in the committee, equality for men, if not in laws at least minimum in this very powerful judges committee. The committee should have 50% men and 50% women. There should not be a bar that maximum only 3 persons can be in these committees; this should be left to the establishment if they want to have more members. The committee should be headed by two equal co-chairpersons, one a male the other a female.

Wrong 2: The proposed ‘Sexual Harassment’ legislation practically means:

For most companies with more then 50 persons, medical hospitals, prison, public establishments etc., the committee should be headed by a woman and should have more then 50% women members, with one woman member being a professional women's rights activist selected by the “Protection Officer” under the proposed ‘Sexual Harassment Act of that district.
Reason for objection: The apparent aim is not to balance the Committee by including a few men in the committee, but to keep more then 50% women and to top this, all powers are with the head of the Committee who must necessarily be a women. There is no provision that if not all members agree they can voice this in writing, and even if this is done, there is no way this will make a difference to the defendant’s case. All powers are vested with female head of the Committee. This way the men are there only for cosmetic reasons, just to make fun off by feminists (since Committee members will have no real powers), to make men feel inferior, to abuse the men committee members. This constitution of the committees is simply wrong and is unacceptable. It is evident that this is an underhand attempt to institutionalize Femo-Fascism in the Indian government.  I suggest that the Committees should be constituted of an equal number of men and women, and have two equal co-chairpersons, one a male the other a female. 

Wrong 3: Under Section 19 of the proposed legislations, providing funds to the women’s rights activists is not made clear, while travel expenses is mentioned, other expenses like Dearness Allowances, etc, are deliberately not made clear. To breed more young feminists, press has to go to them for news; all these women rights activists are again given powers to employ more persons. 

TRUE lies :

News Agencies( http://www.msmagazine.com/news/uswirestory.asp?ID=9970) have refered to http://www.unfpa.org [UNFPA] as the source of these statistics, “United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) found that an astonishing 70 percent of women who are married are beaten and sexually abused.”

How can two different organizations of UN (ie. UNDP and UNFPA) take on the same research and produce the same results by wasting funds?

We would like to request the Indian blogger community to check if they can get the source of the these statistics.

In the meantime, David R. Usher of MensNewsDaily, world’s most [ http://mensnewsdaily.com/2006/11/12/domestic-violence-rumor-mill-runs-the-united-nations ] famous Men’s Rights Blog. He also could not confirm the statistics and accused UN of manufacturing lies.

Then, we found that the http://www.unfpa.org [website of UNFPA]

has a Histogram, which shows percentage of ever-married Indian women between age 15 to 49 ever beaten* by a spouse of partner in 2005. The histogram shows the percentage as just 19% http://www.unfpa.org/swp/2005/presskit/factsheets/facts_vaw.htm [unfpa article]

(*In most surveys includes having been hit, slapped, kicked and physically hurt.)

So, what is the percentage of Indian women getting physically abused in a year by their so called wife-beater husbands?

That is 19/(49-15) = 0.56%.

Lets compare 0.56% women between age 15-49 facing domestic violence and the figure of 70% women facing domestic violence as reported in Media in last 20 days. Feminist hypocrisy is out in open.

On A Lighter Note 

A good way to find the truth in the legislations drawn up by the Ministry of "women and child development" and NCW feminists, is to start reading near the bottom.  They invariably put the main objectionable point near the end, then put so much confusion at top and middle by confusing use of word, that maybe Parliament’s  members, while deciding whether to pass the law or not, will not read with full concentration until the end in details. So you know that as expected, the constitution of the Additional District Magistrates and Civil & Sessions Judges Committees, and the Parliament Committee, etc., are given at the end of the proposed legislation. Cheers.

Money and employment for Feminists

Though simple readings will not tell you, but a thorough logical examination of the text of the proposed legislation will reveal that this law is intended to create employment and money for feminists.  See the draft of the proposed legislation at http://wcd.nic.in/draftsexharrsement.htm 

Noted quote:

What do you say about the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act that has been passed by Parliament recently?

The unity of family is already under threat in our country. This Act has been given another weapon in the hands of women. Before bringing any law, we need to educate people about its usage. George Washington was presented an axe by his father on his birthday in his childhood. Since he did not have the knowledge of using it, he destroyed the whole garden. The misuse of this Act will take women away from their family and the society. There are forces in the country who are jealous of our strong family system. Now they have started entrapping women. I am against crime against women, but I doubt whether the Act would be used to protect the family." [Source: http://www.organiser.org/dynamic/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=169&page=12  ]

Recent Developments:

1) Mangalore: Bus front entrance reserved for women [Source: http://www.mangalorean.com/news.php?newstype=local&newsid=38630]

2) Delhi schools bans male teachers [Source: http://news.sulekha.com/nlink.aspx?cid=340673]


  1. Sati or Suttee was practiced only by upper class Hindus, and it was never a universal custom.  Additionally, historians believe that the practice was imported from Central Asia during early mediaeval times, and it has no sanction in the Hindu scriptures.

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