Human body is designed to live longer than 100 years, as we calculate human life expectancy is 100 years, but unfortunately majority do not live to see their 50th Birthday. There are so many well known branded vehicles still in perfect working condition, like Ford, Mercedes even after 100 years, … Continue reading

All About Coconuts

That coconuts are one of the wonder foods on earth that amply provides for all human needs? They can even save your life! Few people (even fewer doctors) understand how important the coconut is to stabilizing blood sugar; lowering cholesterol; healing; hydration; and even replacing blood plasma in an emergency. … Continue reading


Potatoes are high in nutritive value. According to the latest findings, it is second only to broccoli in terms of disease fighting antioxidant activity. Thus it offers effective protection against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Potatoes can be used effectively to cure eczema. Contrary to the popular belief, potatoes are low … Continue reading

All about Almonds

Almonds help in fighting diabetes and heart Diseases: The presence of powerful nutrients like proteins, dietary fibre, mono unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and Vitamin E make almond a rich diet source for combating degenerative diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. Almonds are the best source of alpha-tocopherol form of … Continue reading

Benefits of Papaya

The papaya is gaining recognition in Western medicine for its anticancer powers, with a University of Florida researcher claiming that the power fruit thwarted growth of cancer cells in lab tests. University of Florida researcher Nam Dang, M.D., Ph.D., and colleagues in Japan have documented papaya’s dramatic anticancer effect against … Continue reading