Herbs for Womans Care

The woman’s care garden features potted herbs in willow or twig baskets of the appropriate size, placed in front of ground-planted fennel. One container holds the lemon balm and chamomile plants, the other contains the red clover. You can place Spanish moss on the surface and edges of each container … Continue reading

Home Medicine

Simple Ayurvedic remedies can play a very effective role as first aid treatments. Below are some simple treatments which have been effectively used for thousands of years, for treating some common problems. You can also try them and stay healthy in a natural way. Asthma Take one teaspoonful of ginger … Continue reading

Herbs for Hay Fever

Do be aware that just because something is natural doesn?t mean it can?t cause side effects in some. Always proceed cautiously with any medication, herbal or otherwise. Most of these herbs may be found at your local natural foods store, or go online to find an herbal purveyor. Butterbur may … Continue reading