Uses and Benefits of Neem

Neem products have medicinal properties that prove to be anthelmintic, antifungal, anti-diabetic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fertility and sedative. All parts such of the tree, such as seeds, leaves, flowers and bark, are used in preparing various different medical preparations. Its oil is used for preparing cosmetics, like soap, shampoo, balms, creams, … Continue reading

Health Benifits of Kokum

Well known these tangy, Green/Reddish berries native to India,mostly grown in Konkan region. Commonly known as KOKUM, Used widely in refreshing drinks and coastal curries, kokum offers a wide range of medicinal properties. The Kokum fruit consist of 3 major parts. The Kokum Pericarp – which is the rind or … Continue reading

Green Tulsi

The flavour of basil Tulsi is a plant with immense healing properties. Also known as holy basil or hot basil, it is a herbaceous annual, 20-60 cm tall with hairy stems, round-oval leaves and white or reddish flowers. Basil essential oil has numerous biologically active constituents that are considered anti-bacterial … Continue reading