Homemade Dandruff shampoo

Dandruff, one of the worst problems to affect human hair, has become quite widespread now-a-days. It is nothing, but excessive shedding of dead skin cells, from the scalp of a person, mainly when he undergoes repeated exposure to extreme heat and cold conditions. While a small amount of skin cell … Continue reading

Home-made summer skin care

Summers are back with a bang…and so are countless summer skin woes! From skin ailments including sun tan, sun burn and dehydration to serious versions like blemishes, pimples and pigmentation – summers are notorious for ruining our skin. But you don’t have to fret! Take a heart and beat the … Continue reading

Nausea relief

Nausea is a condition wherein a person feels like puking, but does not actually end up vomiting. It makes you feel weak from inside. Dizziness, pain in the stomach, excessive sweating, and decreased alertness are some of the common symptoms related to nausea. The condition is the result of a … Continue reading