Reduce tummy with diet

Your diet can contribute to the physical appearance of your body in a major way. Starting a flat tummy diet, together with regular exercise, can magically turn your abs tighter, good looking and oh so healthy. Contrary to what most people think, starving yourself won’t give you a flat tummy. … Continue reading

Herbal cure for Bronchitis

Ginger:Take half a teaspoon of ginger powder and mix it with the same quantity of pepper powder and powdered cloves. Combine the mixture together with a little honey (to give the mixture a better taste) and take it at least three times a day. The combination of these spices will … Continue reading

Green Tulsi

The flavour of basil Tulsi is a plant with immense healing properties. Also known as holy basil or hot basil, it is a herbaceous annual, 20-60 cm tall with hairy stems, round-oval leaves and white or reddish flowers. Basil essential oil has numerous biologically active constituents that are considered anti-bacterial … Continue reading