Refrigerator How to

The refrigerator is the backbone of your kitchen. You can make it a healthy one by stocking low calorie or low fat food, high fibre foods, sauces, nutritious vegetables and fruits. Here are a few tips. •Clean the refrigerator once a fortnight. Arrange foods that are only good for you, … Continue reading

How to use Microwave

The cooking time depends on the quality of ingredients, temperature, size and shape of dishes and voltage fluctuations. 1.It is better to check if the dish is ‘done’ after a shorter cooking time and then cook further if necessary, than let something over-cook. 2.Overcooking protein – rich foods like chicken, … Continue reading


Potatoes are high in nutritive value. According to the latest findings, it is second only to broccoli in terms of disease fighting antioxidant activity. Thus it offers effective protection against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Potatoes can be used effectively to cure eczema. Contrary to the popular belief, potatoes are low … Continue reading