Foundation tips

Foundation is exactly what it’s called – the foundation of all the makeup. It is used to smooth out the skin and prep it for makeup and hide a few blemishes in the process!

1. There are certain tricks to applying foundation. The basic rule is that foundation must never show. So don’t let the foundation dry on your skin, it won’t finish smoothly then. Prep your skin with either moisturiser or a primer before applying it.

2. Get either – a foundation brush or a wedge shaped sponge, or just see your fingers to lightly apply the foundation to your face. Start at your forehead, and slowly spread the formula all over the skin till it has completely blended in. Next, ‘pat’ it into skin. This will make the foundation sink into skin, making it naturally flawless. From there, move on to the nose, cheeks, and chin. Make sure that the foundation fades away under your jawline. Don’t make it obvious!

3. Some people use foundation to cover up their dark undereye circles slightly, but if you have any pimples, red spots or dark circles, use a concealer, not foundation.

4. To set your foundation, apply some loose powder (for a little finish) or pressed powder (for a more heavier finish). A sweep of blush-on, and you’re ready to party.

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