Ayurvedic beauty advice begins with diet and digestion. A balanced, fresh and healthy diet leads to a healthy and beautiful body. This seems like simple advice, but in the modern world it can be difficult to achieve, what with busy lifestyles, late nights, morning rush and no time to cook … Continue reading

Weight Lose

Obesity is a very common condition characterized by excessive deposition of fat in the adipose tissues. Ayurveda describes eight types of unhealthy bodies. Out of these eight, the two that are widely explained are a very thin body and a very fat body. It has been explained in Charaka Samhita, … Continue reading

Diabetes treatment with Home Remedies

Diabetes or “Prameha” (as it is known Ayurvedically) literally means “excessive urination or essence of life going out via urine”. Ayurveda classifies diabetes as a metabolic disorder caused by vitiated Kapha dosha. It also classifies this disease into 24 types depending upon the vitiated dosha and affected tissues and suggests … Continue reading


Maintaining proper strength of the immune system in the body is a basic requirement for staying healthy. When the immunity is weaker than the causative factors of the disease (parasites, bacteria, virus), an imbalance is caused in the “Tridosha” which causes diseases. To avoid falling sick and to maintain good … Continue reading

Staying Healthy

To stay healthy, one must live in harmony with nature, in a natural balance. To practice this art of living in a natural balance, it is important to know one’s own unique constitution and follow a suitable lifestyle. Knowledge of one’s own body type makes life that much more enjoyable. … Continue reading