Common symptoms of fever are high temperature, headache, muscle ache, burning eyes, loss of appetite, coated tongue, excessive production of saliva, feeling of heaviness and nausea. Aggravation of one, two or all the three doshas may cause fever. This aggravation resulting in fever can have many different sourcesit can occur … Continue reading

Herbal cure for Bronchitis

Ginger:Take half a teaspoon of ginger powder and mix it with the same quantity of pepper powder and powdered cloves. Combine the mixture together with a little honey (to give the mixture a better taste) and take it at least three times a day. The combination of these spices will … Continue reading

Green Tulsi

The flavour of basil Tulsi is a plant with immense healing properties. Also known as holy basil or hot basil, it is a herbaceous annual, 20-60 cm tall with hairy stems, round-oval leaves and white or reddish flowers. Basil essential oil has numerous biologically active constituents that are considered anti-bacterial … Continue reading