Diet for Life

The purpose of the diet is to bring the hormone leptin into good working order in your body, leptin being a hormone that manages your weight-loss naturally when it is in healthy balance. The way the diet works is that by adding the right foods, a combination of anti-inflammatory and … Continue reading

Weight Lose

Obesity is a very common condition characterized by excessive deposition of fat in the adipose tissues. Ayurveda describes eight types of unhealthy bodies. Out of these eight, the two that are widely explained are a very thin body and a very fat body. It has been explained in Charaka Samhita, … Continue reading

Water Diet

Since our bodies are about 70 percent water, it makes sense that 70 percent of the food we eat should be high in water content. This is simply a matter of common sense. People who eat foods with high water content will not need to drink as much water. The … Continue reading

Healthy Diet Tips

Most people I know, want to diet and reduce weight, feel healthy and gain energy.  There are so many diet plans in the market that it is difficult to choose the right one. Over the years, I have researched a few and suggest the following to stay healthy. These ideas … Continue reading