Premenstrual syndrome and diet

In PMS, symptoms can be controlled to some extent by the dietary manipulation. Studies suggest that a diet high in carbohydrate and low in fat is helpful. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) dietary supplementation will help patients of PMS to counter premenstrual depression, lethargy and even water retention which is characterized by … Continue reading


Obesity or overweight is a condition characterized by excessive deposition or storage of fat in adipose tissues. Diet Eat honey, fresh rice gruel and barley meal. For barley meal, the seeds are roasted and grinded to a flour, which is then mixed with water and/or honey (optional), and rolled into … Continue reading

Diet for Life

The purpose of the diet is to bring the hormone leptin into good working order in your body, leptin being a hormone that manages your weight-loss naturally when it is in healthy balance. The way the diet works is that by adding the right foods, a combination of anti-inflammatory and … Continue reading