Exercise during pregnancy

As pregnancy progresses the heart is less able to adapt to the increased demands of high intensity exercise, also with the release of the hormone relaxing, joints become looser; increasing the risk of injury during exercise. Here are some dos and don’ts to make exercise safe during this period. Remember … Continue reading

Daily routine

It is essential to gain control over your life before you can begin to seek health in your life. All Ayurvedic treatments and therapies are designed to restore this subtle balance of your constitution. For getting your act together, Ayurveda recommends a daily regimen of healthcare appropriate for your Ayurvedic … Continue reading


Obesity or overweight is a condition characterized by excessive deposition or storage of fat in adipose tissues. Diet Eat honey, fresh rice gruel and barley meal. For barley meal, the seeds are roasted and grinded to a flour, which is then mixed with water and/or honey (optional), and rolled into … Continue reading