Fairness of judgments

The American fancy with the hypocrisy and barbarism continues. The world’s view that it is the most humane country has many contradictions. One that that comes to mind is in the case of death by lethal injections. The obstinate ness and harshness of the US courts are evident from the … Continue reading

Men suicide: a wishy-washy temperament

Death visits every living being, however is natural, but no one wants to intentionally risk their life when life is meant for living? Therefore mankind on this earth fights for survival and existence. Suicide is an unnatural death and is nothing but self killing, in Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, … Continue reading

Spineless Men

In what has been an age old testament regarding the sensibilities of the genders, we have a preset imageries of the Sterner and the Fairer Sex, leading to the sediment of a quasi – rigid quasi – stubborn mindset which is stereotypically ubiquitous in nature, definition and essence, wherein the … Continue reading