F4J On Canadian Socialist NDP’s Roof

Dateline: Ottawa, Canada By: Intrepid From: CTV Via: The Honor Network  Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) F4J Canada hit with many police charges after climbing on to socialist NDP head’s home. The NDP are the most catering to the feminists agenda of Canada’s 3 largest parties. Police have laid trespassing … Continue reading

On the Lord Judge’s Roof

Dateline: England, EU By: Menace From: Anti-Misandry Via: The Honor Network  Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) ESTRANGED dad Tim Line is staging a rooftop protest at the home of Lord Justice Sir Mathew Thorpe in High Street, Seend. Mr Line, 45, has joined the Fathers 4 Justice group … Continue reading

Double Standards

There are two opposite propaganda by the feminazis: 1 That ladies are not safe in the society and there are rapists roaming here and there and 2 That girls should be treated at par with boys and not be discriminated in homes and should be allowed equal liberty. By the … Continue reading

Good-Bye to the Right to Vote

Dateline: Nashville, USA By: Timocrat From: Fathers & Families Blog Via: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) With more women voting in almost every western nation, and both major political parties jumping over themselves as suitors to the female vote, is there any need to take … Continue reading