North America Men’s Rights News

Women’s Groups Fear Tories will cut Funding of Militant Feminist Hate Groups (Rights group forced to close, other organizations could follow as money dries up) OTTAWA — A leading Canadian women’s rights group has been forced to close its office for lack of money and other federally financed organizations fear … Continue reading

Solution to Indias All Problems

Keep out Religion from Politics ( No Political parties based on Religion) Keep out Religion from Schools (No Religion based Education, should be career oriented) Keep out Religion from Judiciary. (Law should be equal to all) Keep out Gender from Reservation (Reservation should be on Merits) Keep out Gender from … Continue reading

FeminISM and eQuality

Feminism is nothing to do with Equality; It’s not about empower women They have ONE GOAL: To dominate, control and destroy a man`s finance, mental health, self esteem and any hope for happiness. It teaches Women, not to Listen to men, even her Own Father or Brother. Overpower Men, Dominate, … Continue reading

Whom not to Marry

If you are looking for a Girl to Marry then check these things before you fall prey. A Girl who’s Father Died when she was just a child. Who’s Mother is a Divorcee. or Single Parent. Girl who has no Brothers. Girl is a only child. Girl who wakeup late. … Continue reading