WiKiLeak : How to Make Money in India

This is No MORE secret; there are many ways to make easy Money in India; but ULTIMATE secret is OUT here.

its very simble, Just hour letter word said one my Mallu Friend.

You should be


BABA: Indians are so blind they can donate everything and Temples are Built for them, but you never know same devotees turn against you.
BABU: If you are Politicians, you can swindle Public Money with some SCAM, but if Exposed by opposition, you may endup in Jails, but still you can enjoy your Money.
BAHU: If you are a BAHU(Daughter-in-Law) just file IPC 498A(dowry Law) DVACT(Domestic Violence Act) on husband or False RAPE case on anyone, even you have not seen or met him; you can make billions overnight and no risk involved

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