CockroachCoffeeDay – Indian Men everyday tale

Everyone knows about CockroachCoffeeDay (CCD) issue; Man was slapped and charged under Indian penal Code also for just finding cockroach in an eatery;

Same issues happens in Every Indian men; when you notice some wrong doing; or when you expose a Women/wife;
When you expose her lies;
When she failed to prove what she claimed at the time of Marriage; may be her Education/Employment/Cooking/Nature/Attitude etc.
When you expose her Pre-marital Affairs;
When you caught her extra-marital Affairs;
List is long;……..

Whatever her Fault, you will end up paying for her mistakes; just like CocrochCoffee.

No faults you will be charged under Dowry Case (498A), Domestic Violence; Rape/Un-Natural SeX or seXual harassment.

And it’s up to you to prove that you are INNOCENT.

That’s India, Under FEMINISTS.

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