Cry Rape 5 Times And Get Off

Dateline: UK, EU
By: Chris Brooke
From: Daily Mail
Via: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

A binge-drinking woman who accused five innocent men of rape walked free from court.
Tracy Brooks, 26, wasted massive amounts of police time when she made two false allegations against two friends within the space of a month last summer.
The men were arrested, questioned, held for hours in custody and faced the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence if her claims were believed.
But weeks later, she came clean and told detectives the allegations were false.
Several years ago, Brooks, a self-confessed binge-drinker, falsely accused three other men of rape in separate incidents, Newcastle Crown Court was told.
Binge drinker my ass, booze is no excuse for men, she is only a binge accucer and deserves justice.

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