Until recently, Sign boards like “INDIANS AND DOGS NOT ALLOWED” was common in LONDON many BRITISH EMPIRE governed Places in India, same was in South Africa, as “BLACKS AND DOGS NOT ALLOWED“; As when i went to India, i was traveling in a BUS and front 4 seats where empty and men where standing. then i saw signboard next to these seats “ONLY FOR WOMEN

Few years back there was no reservation, and women used to sit anywhere, only after recent feminists movement all type of division started.

Women want Reservation even there are no passengers, and men has to stand.
Women want Reservation even they are not capable to handle / Manage.

Reservation for Women in Public places.
Reservation for Women in Jobs / Situation
Reservation for Women in Parliament.

Even men are capable they don’t get Seat / Job.

Instead first come first serve in BUS
Job on merits etc, Indian Government is creating same situation like BRITISH RAJ……

Gender Reservation nothing but another Divide and Rule policy. its better if they write “INDIAN MEN AND DOGS NOT ALLOWED” Instead “ONLY WOMEN” Signboard.

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