Government Sponsored Legal Terrorism – IPC 498A

You can Control TERRORISM; But you cann`t control or STOP Government Sponsored Legal Terrorism
IPC – 498A.

Government can make LAW to STOP terrorism, and punish Terrorist and misusers; But who will punish Government bodies who make laws like IPC 498A, which harass more innocent than save.Which send more old aged parents to jail falsely, Even Pregnent sisters of man who is victim of ipc 498a along with breast fed children.

Supreme Court of India called, misusing 498a is a legal terrorism; still no one ready to scrap this Notorious Law nor amend it; Even they know there are more innocents are victimised.

Government knows there is mass scale of misuse; but they do not punish misuser; Law think all wives are Victims of Domestic violence.

When there is so much support for this misuse;
and government blindly watch this and do nothing;

then this is Government Sponsored Terrorism than what Else.
Victims of Dowry Law IPC 498A

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