This is what US President Says about overseas Indians living and working in USA :

US President George W Bush has showered lavish praise on nearly 1.7 million Indian Americans by
calling them the “brain power behind the high tech boom” that has transformed American society.
“As the high-tech boom helped transform our society, a lot of the brain power behind that boom
have been Indian Americans, as well as Indians educated here in America,” Bush told a group of
select Indian journalists at the White House.

As against above assessment of US President the “MOIA” and “NCW” the Indian government agencies
for some ulterior motives are painting Indian Grooms and their families settled overseas as
criminals and frauds, in their
This conduct is not in the national interest of India definitely.
Therefore it is time, that Indian government book those unscrupulous characters in India who are
responsible for filing false 498A criminal cases against overseas Indians for blackmail and
extortion and brought bad name to nation.

Gope Lalwani

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