What India really need ? Seperate Religion from Government.

In India Religion control almost everything; from birth to even after Death. Religion should be at home, not with government. it should be seperated from government; and Government or Politicians should not be influenced by Religion.

Politicians should not use religion to contest election or get vote based on Religion or related caste or creed.

No law should be made based on any religion. nor take auth on any religious texts.

There should be any restriction to marry one another and those who oppose should be punished by law.

There should not be any religious parties to contest election.

There should not be any Grant/financial support for religious trips/buildings or places.

All religious pictures and symbold to be removed from Government buildings.

Politicians as a Government representative should not visit and religious head or shrine/temple/mosque.

Government should not dictate people what to eat and dress bassed on Religion.

Government officials should not wear any Religious symbols/cloths/attire/head cover/dot/signs, same applied to Schools and collages.

India as emerging super power, it should seperate Religion from Politics and government just like conservative Japan; as there is no restriction what people eat/drink or wear. government should not dictate public.

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