Whom not to Marry

If you are looking for a Girl to Marry then check these things before you fall prey.

A Girl who’s Father Died when she was just a child.
Who’s Mother is a Divorcee. or Single Parent.
Girl who has no Brothers.
Girl is a only child.
Girl who wakeup late.
Girl is a Divorcee (they call it INNOCENT DIVORCEE)
Who has Painful periods.
Women who filed any Case on ex-Husband.
Girl who had Pre-marital Sex with multiple Men.
Get wet without Rain.
Bleed but will not die
Girl who is in touch with BIG Bindis / Feminists
Girl who is Friendly with other women who cheated on their husband

One thought on “Whom not to Marry

  1. In the above points i would like to suggest some modifications
    Please have numbering done to the points so that it would be easily readable
    Also you forgot one important point that Girls who Lie a lot and say they would change that

    “Bleed but not die?” please elaborate that point

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