Stab Nice Husband Then Throw Law Book at Him

Dateline: Connecticut, USA
By: Steven G. Erickson
From: Op Ed
Via: The Honor Network

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This is what Men’s Rights & Father’s Rights Activists know is going on all over the place:

His wife stabbed him about 5 years ago. While Leanne Putnam was awaiting her days in court for felony assault, she was awarded sole custody of their 3 children, allegedly by Rockville Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan in Connecticut. Abuse of Fathers and their children in courts is not uncommon.

Chris Kennedy then lodged complaints against Judge Kaplan and other judges. The retaliation began, where he would have less, to no access, to his own children. His saga has been going on for about 5 years. After Chris lodged complaints, the charges were dropped against his ex-wife, and Chris Kennedy became the target of an out of control Judge, Jonathan J. Kaplan. Complaints Chris had lodged were put in his “secret, sealed folder” for other judges to see and to likewise help retaliate.

We thought this was going on by those legislating from the bench, and now we know. The unelected branch of most government is out of control!

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