Strangers are Better than Natural Dad

Dateline: Saskatchewan, Canada
By: Intrepid
From: The Edmonton Sun
Via: NC Dad at F4J (USA)

Strangers are Better than Natural Dad
Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

Once again in this story the exception is fast becoming the norm, as the state wants anyone bringing up kids but the natural father. The mother doesn’t want the child, but that’s no reason to give the child to the father. Then on top of this the state doesn’t assure the father any access whatsoever. The article seems to have info on the father’s past (one-sided leaking again… please spare me the hypocritic oath), not pretty it would seem, yet I have heard having a child matures people up fast (or is this argument only used in the case of bad women). The flip-flopping between making a man who didn’t father a child pay support and excluding a real father who wants to bring up a child is amazing. We now have examples of this in all western nations. How can this be so much the same unless we have a lockstep kind of agenda here? Well read it for yourselves:

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