TRUE Colour of Media and Women


This is how our media, interpret women mistakes and wrong doing;

Here is the best example; how our media report, without writing actual events; showing only man as a villain  and always show women as Victim or innocent.

Here women; SORRY married women meet a unknown man and fell in love with him, also exchange address; it is understood that she has sexual relation with him; as no married women suppose to exchange her address with unknown man, unless there is hard feelings or soft corner.

Same news continues as her lover was a regular visitor; but media never reported that she was living in extra marital Affair; coz as per Indian law, Indian women has right to enjoy with other man, even she is married; said verdict can be found on When she has a husband, How she can allow other man to visit her. May be she threatened her husband not to object her affair with other man, else she will file false case of dowry or Domestic violence on him; so her lover was regular visitor to her house.

Even she was in love with other man, and when he asked her leave her husband, she was not ready to leave him, because her husband was earning well, she want husband money but for her lust, she wand other man. For Indian women, husband is like ATM machine or National Bank, they want free flow of money whenever they want.

And Surpricingly she never reported, when her lover demanded to marry her, because she is equally involved in this crime; but Media will not write a single word against women. Coz she is always Victim, even she live in adultery or murder someone.  

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