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2nd Fake / Insulting Letter

I did not replied to her Last Insulting Birthday few days i received one more letter.They made fake Email Id also.

Date: 4 Aug 2001 11:58:55 -0000
From: “ida bitch dsousa”
Reply-To: “ida bitch dsousa”
To: “dsouza@i***.com”
Subject: why no news son.

what happned darling son u are not happy with my b’day gift i hope u liked it i
did not feel there is a better gift to a son other than his father. come on son
if u did not like this father i will give u one more fater pl u don’t worrk
untill iam there u will never hv any less of fathers i hv a lot in my pussy
don’t worry so u pl reply soon on this mail I.D. of mine iam waiting for yr
reply i love u son so does all yr fathers.

bye for now.


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