AutoBiography of a Dowry Law Victim

My Struggle with Legal Terrorism

498a at last

On 2nd July I took Bus to Bombay and reached on 3rd Evening.

On 4th Jul Tuesday 2000 I went office as usual; that morning I did`t prepared anything for lunch as I reached home in the Evening on 3rd. usually I do not eat anything outside food and previous day on bus I had something so my stomach was upset. I just had a sandwich and some lassie from office canteen that’s all;

In the Evening I reached home at 8PM, i kept rice on gas and went to bath, as I finished bath rice was ready and I was changing my dress then door bell rung.

I thought some of neighbor kids came, and I opened the door to my surprise they were police in civil dress;

As soon as I opened the door, they stood on door; they introduced them self as police; I demanded their Id and one of the police showed his ID.

Then they asked me who is Rodalf de Souza (they pronounced like that)

I said that’s me;

They said “come with us”

I said, let me dress,

They said, shayadi pe nahi ja rahe hai, police station [We are not going for wedding, but police station]

I just pulled the door, Even they did`t allowed me to lock the door;

One police was holding my collar and took me to a jeep which was waiting for us;

We reached Police station;

They made me stand till one of their inspector come;

Then he started to read something which was written in Marathi, as I do not understand Marathi correctly, after reading I asked them what is it all about;

Police said, your wife gave complaint that you were beating her for Dowry;

I asked WHEN;

Police said yesterday;

I said she left almost 20 days back, and I came yesterday from my native place, if you want to see my bus ticket I have it;

That we do not know, but she gave complaint likes that.

They knew it its False Complaint;

They gave me Two Blank papers and asked me to sign;

I refused to sign;

One police kept his hand on my shoulder and pressed and said sign here;

I saw his face; his voice was threatening and they forced me to sign Blank Papers.

Then they asked do you admit, that you demanded Dowry;

I said can you ask same question to my wife in front of me;

So you admit it, they said

They took my sign on Blank paper and now they started to write something on that in Marathi; Even I deny any charges they will write as I admitted it coz they already has my sign on Blank papers.

At around 11 o’clock they finished writing and they asked me, do you have any relatives here.

I said NO;

WhereA?is your parents ?

My Native place Mangalore;
Give us their Phone Number; we have to inform them;

I thought like, at this night, I do not want to inform this to my old parents and make them worried;

They said, Afterwards you do not get time to call them, give us their number;

Then I was sure that they will arrest me, and there was no option left than give them my parent’s phone number;

They took me to Telephone Booth and called home; they allowed me to say “hello and I’m calling from Police Station”

One of the police informed my Father that they are arresting me under section 498A.

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