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This is the real Story of my beloved?s cousin sister, Rachel of vasai.who murdered her own brother for her Lust, He was killed by her?so called husband,?It shows how their family is,

Who may be the possible writer of this post ? Writting style and English sound like, its written by my beloved, but why, what was her motive to expose her own cousin sister. Also there is possibility that unfortunate bride can write something on this,but im not sure she has so much inside information.

Someone posted this blog long back, and the same day I was arrested under false case of 498A on 4th July 2000. What a co incident, I stumbled upon this blog long back, and forgot the link, today when I was searching for something else it came up, check her sister address on original blog. Rest of the story I copied here.

He was very happy, not only because he was going back to India, but he had found his missing rib, and was all excited about getting married.

???? He visited the tailors many a times to try on his new Wedding outfit, picturing himself with his life partner to be. ???? He was employed in Kuwait, He was returning to India for his marriage. He was the only boy child of his parents and had other 5 girl siblings; He was from khira Nagar Santa Cruz in Bombay, Later shifted to Malad in Mumbai.???

After he reached India, he was very happy to see his family and to be with them, all his marriage preparations were in progress with all pomp and vigor. All were very happy, all his sisters were very excited cause this was their only Brothers?marriage in the family and they were all busy trying on their new dresses but one sister did not look happy. ??? Her name is Rachel, She approached her brother and said to him, that she would like to meet him in private and that, she wanted to introduce him to someone. She was a little hesitant to say something that was in her mind cause someday or the other everyone would know about it, Her brother agreed to meet her and the person she wanted to introduce him to, when they met she introduced a boy named Vadu, that?s his nick name to her Lover. .???? She said to her brother that she wants to marry him (Vadu), before his marriage. Because she is pregnant. She also admitted to her brother that she had married Vadu in court. Her brother was shocked with disbelief that his sister could do this sort of thing, he was not shocked cause his sister had a boyfriend or was pregnant, but she choose a boy who was from a different religion and was not even educated he had nothing he was a no good, the religion was not a problem, be he did not even possess a good morale character he was a man without any morals or principles.??????

Her brother was not happy with his sister?s choice, He turned to his sister and asked her could not you find a decent boy in our community, I am not for this marriage. This outraged Vadu, his sister?s lover, he threatened him and dashed away.Next day, the matter was forgotten and he went out distributing his wedding cards and meeting his friends and family. He almost finished distributing his wedding invitation cards for the day, walking back home with his mind all set for his marriage and all satisfied. In his mind he was just going through all the people he had to invite, he was trying to figure out if he has missed any of his friends or relatives, when all of a sudden he felt a knife slash across his back, and the slashing just went on and on, until he fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood in an unconscious and the invitation cards all spread across on the street splashed with his own blood.

His Mother?s dream was shattered her heart broken, she broke down seeing her only son, lying dead in a pool of blood with his wedding cards spread across the street mingled with his blood.Nobody could ever wonder as to what went wrong and who had killed this young and innocent boy, who was not in the country for a long time, and had just come to India to get married, the police were clueless about the motive behind the murder, the police were investigating the young mans bride to be to try and find out if she had a man in her life earlier and who may be envious of her marriage to another man, but could not find any clue about the case, Somehow the other how the police were working on this case was not known, and who was the killer was not known, until, one day the cat was out of the bag and it was made known that Vadu Rachel?s lover was arrested from her sister Helen?s house at Vasai, and a complete investigation was launched and Vadu spilt out the beans and confessed to the murder, in his confessional statement made to the police he admitted that he along with Rachel and her sisters and her two cousin sisters were afraid that Rachel?s brother would do something to stop them from getting married to each other in a respectable way, so Vadu and Rachel with the support of her sisters decided that their brother must go in order that Rachel live a happy married life, and that?s the reason he killed Rachel?s brother mercilessly.

The killer Vadu was sentenced to 14 years in jail, he completed his term and is a free man today living with Rachel shamelessly with the blood of her brother on their hands? What is it that Vadu had in him that Rachel had to fall in love with him, and go to the extent of killing her only brother, Vadu was nothing more than a street monger, he could not give her a home or a comfortable life, then why did she love Vadu so much, this is purely an example of sexual lust that compelled her to fall in love with such a man, Now the question is what happened to Rachel?s pregnancy, yes she did give birth to a healthy baby boy the same year, she did not abort the pregnancy all this happened while Vadu was in Jail.

After Rachel delivered her baby, she handed over the baby to Helen her sister who already has two sons, and as far as the baby?s knowledge goes Helen and her Husband are his parents, they have adapted him as their son, and Helen?s husband is an alcoholic and sometime threatens to speak the truth the now grown up boy to tell him about his real parents, so Helen just give him a some alcohol and puts him to sleep. After Rachel?s brothers death, her mother could not overcome her grief and started consuming alcohol after about seven years the alcohol got the better of her, and claimed her life too.

Present day Rachel lives happily with her villainous husband Vadu very happily in Vasai, without the guilt of a murder of an innocent man who was killed brutally for something that he was not aware of and the assumption of Rachel and her aids that he would do something to stop her from getting married to this murderer Vadu. What is this world coming to does the lust for sex compels a man to kill? What is the difference between man and beast, the beast at least does not have the sense to think, how can these people responsible for the murder of an innocent man live a normal life, without a care for the world, without respect for the life that God Almighty himself created destroyed by man for the satisfaction of one?s body a life that could have contributed in some way or the other destroyed without mercy. In what way will Rachel, Vadu and Rachel?s sisters and cousin sisters stand in front of God and answer him? This is a question no man can answer but only the one?s who have committed the crime, cause its like Abel?s blood crying out to Cain. Same way Rachel?s brother?s blood will be crying out to them, and his soul will never rest in peace, the curse of the blood of her brother will fall on them for seven generations, already her son is deemed to suffer, cause having real parents in front of him, cannot call them his parents, what will be his reaction when he grows up to be a man, he will carry the stigma of murder with him, he will face humiliation, cause his parents think that the fact will never ever come out, but the fact is that nothing is a secret, everything comes out in the open someday or the other, and Rachel?s son will have to pay a price for the crime that his parents have committed.

Rachel?s brother never in his wildest dreams could ever imagine that instead of a marriage ceremony there would be a funeral procession, his very own funeral procession, a life shed away for a very cheap cause to satisfy her sexual desire and the happiness of his sister Rachel, no matter what education did Rachel have or what school did she go to, all her fears were overcome the day she met Vadu and she lay in bed with Vadu completely satisfied, did she decide that no matter what or who it is will try and stop her, she will get rid of him, she had to marry Vadu, cause he was something very special to her even though he was just a cheap street mongrel.

The fact is this that with Vadu even Rachel and her Sister Helen and their two cousin sisters should have been jailed, but they got off the hook due to IPC flaws, but these same very people will have to answer God the almighty on the judgment day.??????

He never thought his journey will end in a coffin instead of a wedding ceremony.He sacrificed his life for his sister?s happiness.His innocent blood was shed for the happiness of his sister, do you think his blood will bring peace and happiness to his sisters and to all those who were aware of the plot to kill him, his blood will always cry for revenge, his soul will never rest in peace It will always haunt his family members who were aware of the plot to kill him, and no one will be lead happy life,

this is the Cry of my Blood; Innocent Blood.


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