AutoBiography of a Dowry Law Victim

My Struggle with Legal Terrorism

End of the Begining.

Her joining of job, which started new Problem; that was End of the Beginning which was not good, still her job made it worse.

I was going to Office Early and she was going at 7AM and keeping Glenn at neighbor’s house. He was happy to be with our Bhabi our neighbor than his mother.

I was coming back home in the Evening at 5PM, while coming home I used to bring groceries and vegetables and cleaning home and preparing rice. I know she is tired when she comes back from office. She was not having Saturday off but I had 5 day week. On Saturday when I iron my cloths I also iron her but her nature and attitude made me to stop that.
No need to tell when you open her cupboard most of the time her all cloths used to fell out, coz she never kept it folded or neatly.

She turned more rude, her words where sharp, I had no rights to tell anything. If I tell something she used to bring something and giving it in my hand and holding my hand with it and beating her self.
Many time when I was not doing as she said, she used to bang her head to wall.

Our Sex life came to an End, coz she was tired and I never forced her. As it is she was never interested in it nor did she voluntarily do anything. I always felt like sleeping with DEAD Body, where there are no emotions. She had Frigidity.

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