AutoBiography of a Dowry Law Victim

My Struggle with Legal Terrorism

Her Sound sleep

I always did my duty as a husband and a Father;
In our neighbor few men who go to work do things at home;
But I was doing my things and cleaning home, look after Glenn, many things as I told before.

I used to get up early morning and bringing milk and bread from store. At that time also I see neighbor women coming to take milk /eggs and bread hardly few men other than retired men. I’m the only man who goes down to bring milk when she was sleeping/snoring. I never complained about it. I was doing it as my duty.

Once I got up as usual and went down; at that time Glenn was 2 year old. Milk store was almost 100 meter away from our Apartment and there was a junction where 4 roads meet; we have cross that road to milk store. After taking milk, when I came back to that junction, young Glenn standing on middle of the road and looking here and there. He was wearing only shorts no shirt. I was shocked to see him in the middle of the road. I run away towards him and grabbed him. Coz it was main road and any time vehicles can come.

When I reached home our apartment door was wide open, when I went inside she was still sleeping, a sound sleep. And unaware what had happened.

When I told this to her relatives; she started to tell; I’m not allow her to sleep also.

At what extent; still someone robs everything or someone come and rape her also she will not aware. That kind of sound sleep.

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