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An Interview with….?
As I gave my messenger id in “FEMINISTS ATTACK” Post, one guy came online, claiming to be freelance writer.

PuReLAvA :– What made you to write your Story?
Rudy3107 :– It?s not my Story. it?s my Real life Story; I just felt like to show the world how I was harassed with this false case, Even I never took any money or demanded any, still case is going on, even She is not came to court for last 9 Years.

PuReLAvA :– Where is She now?
Rudy3107 :– As per my Last tracker Report, she is in UAE;

PuReLAvA :– Did you Contacted her?
Rudy3107 :– No. I called her Few months back, Asking her to come back, and you know what she said….

PuReLAvA :– yes I had gone thru your postings.

PuReLAvA :– What made you to call her back to join you?
Rudy3107 :– It is my duty before say YES to divorce, ask her, after that she should not say, she was not aware of Divorce, or I did not gave her chance.

PuReLAvA :– So you said YES to Divorce.
Rudy3107 :– YES.

PuReLAvA :– So you got the Divorce.
Rudy3107 :– NO, Now it?s up to Judge.i`m waiting for Decree.

PuReLAvA :– Will you get marry Again?
Rudy3107 :– No, If I get my son Custody.

PuReLAvA :– As per my knowledge, Your Custody Petition was dismissed by lower Court.
Rudy3107 :– YES, Now it?s in High Court, In few Days she may get Notice From High court, If Everything goes smoothly.

PuReLAvA :– OK, It?s a Blog of 498A Victim, but nowadays you do not write about it.
Rudy3107 :– It?s a waste fighting for one sided, biased laws. You see, nothing happens if you both are not going; Government is wasting its Resources. And Authority is so dumb to understand this. Only Lawyers are making money.

PuReLAvA :– So What is the Status of your 498a case?
Rudy3107 :– As it is 9 years Back.

PuReLAvA :– If it?s false, you do not want to dismiss and charge her.
Rudy3107 :– Sure, I will do that, I have to do As I Preach.

PuReLAvA :– Preach?
Rudy3107 :– We have some 6000 Members Registered with us; I tell everyone, Counter False case and sue all 498A girls, Unless I do, how can I tell my followers to do the same?

PuReLAvA :– So you sue her?
Rudy3107 :– Why Not, it?s a False case, Now my case is taken by one Capable Lawyer himself. and he is sure soon it will be Dismissed.

PuReLAvA :– So you will file case on her?
Rudy3107 :– Actually, I do as per law, I have nothing against her, I ask law to punish her witness, As I have not done anything wrong to them, and still they gave False witness.

PuReLAvA :– Why are you not doing anything to her?
Rudy3107 :– Coz she slept with me….haha…

PuReLAvA :– No, seriously…
Rudy3107 :– Coz I still Love her, and she is mother of my son.

PuReLAvA :– but somewhere you said, He is not your son.
Rudy3107 :– Where? it is she told our son to call me “UNCLE“; Coz women know, whom she slept with.

PuReLAvA :– that?s sarcastic…!
Rudy3107 :– Why? Telling truth is sarcastic? As per one UK study, 30% Fathers are not biological Father of their children.

PuReLAvA :– So you doubt her.
Rudy3107 :– where I said I doubt her. If I ever did, I would have not asked her to come back.

PuReLAvA :– So you want her back.
Rudy3107 :– I?m sure she will not come back, with what face she will come back. For her it?s her EGO stop her from admitting her mistake. Still if she admit her mistake, I?m ready to take her back any time; People should not say later, that she wanted to come back and I did not took her back. and I?m writing same thing over and over again, in Future GLENN, my son will find this posting and Will know the truth.

PuReLAvA :– so it?s all about your son, did you miss him.
Rudy3107 :– See, I Loved him more than anything, and he loved me more than his mother, at night he wanted to sleep on my chest, but not with his mother. I used to get up at night to change his wet cloths, many more things I wrote in my old posts.

PuReLAvA :– As she deserted him, why don`t you just take him with you.
Rudy3107 :– Good Question. Do you think INDIAN men has that right, In India, Women (Mother) can kidnap children and keep them with
her, that?s legal, but Father can?t do that. Such a biased law.
Rudy3107 :– When she took him, I missed him a lot, she was thinking they can make me to bring me on my knees for him, coz they knew, I loved him so much and I will do anything to get him.

PuReLAvA :– So?
Rudy3107 :– Even her mother told same thing to many, in her place, for the sake of his son he will come to us begging.
Rudy3107 :– But I proved them wrong.

PuReLAvA :– What you did.
Rudy3107 :– Did nothing, wept myself, spent sleepless nights thinking.

PuReLAvA :– OK. He is the loser in fight between you both.
Rudy3107 :– No, I blame it on her, she took him away from me, and yes I admit he lost his childhood playing with me; so she has bring him back. Or I will ask the LAW.

PuReLAvA :– ok; So what was the 498A impact on you.
Rudy3107 :– haha

PuReLAvA :–?
Rudy3107 :– It?s a BLESSING for me.

PuReLAvA :– How?
Rudy3107 :– I would like to thank her for making me Notorious if not FAMOUS; Today I have so many Followers.

PuReLAvA :– ok,

PuReLAvA :– I?m not asking that,
Rudy3107 :– I know, what you are asking about.

PuReLAvA :– then….
Rudy3107 :– After 498A, I took my life as a Challenge,
Rudy3107 :– It made me BOLD, now I dare to talk to Police / Judges, even I did good in all my interviews

PuReLAvA :– So 498A is good;
Rudy3107 :– yea….If it?s False.

PuReLAvA :– Why do you think she filed False case on you??
Rudy3107 :– I wrote it before somewhere, still I repeat. To control me, Actually She was not happy with the marriage, but for her there was no option left when she was forced to marry, by her parents. Still she tried to make use of the marriage to dominate me as her Mother and Sisters are doing. Even today her father getup early morning and prepare breakfast and hot water for his Better half OLD BLACK Buffalo. and her elder sister husband also do. Can you imagine a Degree holder girl marry a Elementary Pass waiter? that?s her sister. My Bitter half also wanted to do same, but failed and then there was no option left than
filling false case on me. And to get sympathy from her family, she told everyone I am a Womanizer, Alcoholic and Beat her, as usual all other women say.

PuReLAvA :– Do you think she will come back
Rudy3107 :– What for? NO WAY. With what face…..haha
Rudy3107 :– That?s why I boldly say I`m ready to take her back….

PuReLAvA :– haha
Rudy3107 :– Do you think, her parents let her go, A Golden egg laying hen? She earn well, and she send money for son, as her parents kept him on RANSOM.

PuReLAvA :– OK then, Thank you Very Much…

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