AutoBiography of a Dowry Law Victim

My Struggle with Legal Terrorism

MSLSA Letter

I received one more letter from Maharashtra State legal Authorities on 17 December 2004 asking me to meet Taluka level legal authorities so I went to India in January 2005.

I went to meet Vasai legal Authority, I waited for 2 days but said Officer nowhere in sight.
When I asked other employees of his Office they said he will come, but he never came;
Some said he came and went, I was there waiting, but I did not see him which way he came and went.

That’s how our Legal system works.

I was also having Vasai civil court judge letter; as I did not know who was he I asked my lawyer and showed these letter to him.

He got angry and said, if I keep on writing to them , why I need a lawyer. He was worried if I write directly to judge and case is settled he will not get more money.

I waited for 20 days, and totally wasted my time / Money / all my leaves, frustrated I cam e back to my job.

As soon as I came back to middle east, I received a letter from Vasai Judge on 25 January 2005 asking me to contact him.
I wrote him in reply, what had happened, I came there and waited for 2 days and no one was there.
Then I received one more letter on 11th February 2005 from Vasai Judge.

Then I decided not to go to India, just to waste money as nothing was happened whenever I went. So I wrote to Thane Legal Service telling my situation and Law system how it harassed me and how much I spend. And not to issue warrants for me, if they want to do justice then ask her to come to court and let me know, i`ll come there and prove her wrong.

That was last Communication between me and Law Authorities.

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