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My Own Son Called me Uncle

After 2 months of all this;
i called her so many times;
she was working somewhere in Andheri;i was calling her on her office number;

I begged her to come back; at least for child sake;

she said come to her sister place and take her back;i said i`ll not come anywhere as she left her own;

After some days she came her own; telling she still have some things to take; on the door step itself she said she did`t came to stay.

i allowed her in;glenn my son was also came with her; he was very much fond of me before, now he act like a stranger and Affraid to come to me

i gave him his favorite GEMS chocolates;

she said say thank you…..

He thanked me… saying

hearing this, she laughed, sarcastic laugh and seems so happy

1 thought on “My Own Son Called me Uncle

  1. so what did she achieve … she will realize what she missed and what her son missed in few years … all this for what …?

    //Achieved Nothing; Than Broken Marriage. –Editor

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