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One More Last Letter

After Getting her Address of Dubai; i decided to write her a letter;

Dear Diana;
Once you said, you will not runaway like me and fight back from India; now what happened ? what is the use, winning nothing and also losing your own marriage ?

I`m sending bishop letter where I say, I want you back and now also say I want that Diana who was with me when we caught udupi train at kurla and same innocent Diana had panipuri at ambadi road. I have all such letters some day i`ll show it to glenn and he will know the truth even you brain wash him. You can keep him after swore on bible, saying I was coming home drunk and was not loving glenn, even having affair in office. My prayers and petitions to St.Lawrence are always answered, and this also I offer to him and he will do the judgment.

You can keep my gold and valuables, I seen you with fatty tissues, wrinkles and tanned grey hair; hope you are happy now.

As you dead lawyer said, you already know someone for last 5 years and wanted to marry him, at last you have found your lover, but remember my 2 cents; never withhold sex, and discuss your personal matters to your relatives.

I just wanted to say, it is you wanted divorce, not me; your insulting, sarcastic mails are welcome to dsouza_**

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