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As I seen in the world and from MyNation members real life stories, I came to a conclusion that most of the women are Parasites, I can call them vultures or leech too but PARASITE word suits correctly. Vulture and leech are waiting for the prey which is not related to them but Parasites living with the Prey or host as their own and making host life Hell.

Some of the MyNation Members wives transfered money to their account not less than 50 Lakhs in 2/3 years along with all gold some even managed to get GREEN CARD for her and her useles brothers.

What does parasite mean?

• PARASITE (noun)

The noun PARASITE has 2 senses:

1. An animal or plant that lives in or on a host (another animal or plant); it obtains nourishment from the host without benefiting or killing the host

2. A follower who hangs around a host (without benefit to the host) in hope of gain or advantage.

Same you can apply to Feminism too.

Feminists Agenda: To Control and Destroy a MAN`s Finance, mental health, self esteem and Any Hope for Happiness; With one goal, in mind; To DOMINATE him.

So why this is related to me, in my biography?

When women get marry she always looks for a Well to do Boys Family. Rich and earning handsome salary, they do not care boy is educated or not but he should have good monthly income, so they can treat him like ATM Machine, Personal Bank or as Blank cheque. In west same Parasites are also called GOLD DIGGERS or Bounty Hunters.

My Ex Degree holder sister married to a Non Metric, just because he was working in Gulf and having flat in Bombay, and all of her Brothers and sisters occupy his flat and he is stranger in his own house. Her jobless Brothers are not capable to buy or rent their own house and Father was so miser, he gave his Flat on Rent when his sons having FREE accommodation at Brother in laws house.

Same my ex wanted to do with me also, but unfortunately I did not budge to their demands. To occupy my flat.

My Ex tried many way to Dominate and control me, but failed.

I was having good shoes I purchased for wedding and used only twice, those are little tight and biting so I kept it just like that without using, once my ex brother was having some Interview for Waiter job, I did not know my ex gave him my shoes. They wanted to hide it, but what made them to tell me that he used my shoes too, is, after keeping without using almost for 2 years may be thread of shoe sole ripped off when he tried to get into crowded train of Bombay. When I came to know this, I didn’t tell anything. They told this only because sooner or later i will findout shoe is torn apart and i will ask, thats why they informed me. God knows what else they took my stuff or used my things behind my back.

Now you know these Parasites are not ashamed to use your used shoes too, and the word PARASITE perfectly suits them.

1. An animal or plant that lives in or on a host (another animal or plant); it obtains nourishment from the host without benefiting or killing the host

2. A follower who hangs around a host (without benefit to the host) in hope of gain or advantage.

None of the Parasites are not giving anything in return to host than use his things, some of the Parasites found to be using host Even they have no relation or Death (Divorce)

(PS: All Women are not Parasites)

9 thoughts on “Parasites

  1. I have the similar story.

    My ex not only took money for taking the FIR back but used the jewellery which we gave it to her to file the case and had police along side her.

    My case was unique in the sense that , the case was filed in the absense of me as I was away from India for more than 8 months and my EX came back to India 7 months later and put a case against me and my family who never stayed wid her.

    The uniqueness comes when every thing got settled in High Court without me appearing in the court and ofcourse girl took the money which she was targetting.
    But I am very happy now that it was a good lesson for those politcians who think that they can do anything with a normal Indian citizen.
    Next time they will be very careful troubling any more guy.

    Mynation saved my life and I really appreciate the owner for fighting for us for a cause.

    I will prefer to call my Ex as a camaleon who changes her colors whenever required.

    It really depends on the society from where u r coming from and the roots.

    Rememeber God is watching and people suffers who do crimes.

    Namit Sehgal

  2. Yeah, parasite is more appropriate for 498a women and her family. Vultures have use, they clean up the envirnoment, parasites have absolutly no use.

  3. The irony of all this is that while dowry is a crime, and rightly so, women seeking well-settled and rich men is not considered as ‘Dowry’ by our stupid society. Our society needs to grown and understand that women who seek NRI men for marriage, IAS and IPS guys are seeking dowry too but this is a case of reverse dowry. Further, alimony and maintenance is also dowry in reverse. Our society needs to GROW!

  4. Yeah, parasite is more appropriate for 498a Bitches and her family. Vultures have use, they clean up the envirnoment, parasites have absolutly no use.

    Vultures wait till its host is compleatly dead before they devour them, so 498a women are definatly not Vultures

    Leeches have medicinal value, they are known to be usefull in the sence Leeches such out bad blood and poisin in a person and sacrifise themselves for people in certian cases, so once again 498a women are definatly not Leeches also.

    The Kind of Parasites 498a women are, (1) One celled parasites, example a Amiba which causes decentry and are of no use. One celled Parasite is correct these Bitches and her family only have one thing on their minds that is Money Money and Sucking the Husband and his family till they die, exactly like a One Celled Parasite.

  5. Friends,

    Please be careful. Real Parasites may sue you for using their class for calling 498A women as they feel that they are abused and degraded for using their class to such lowest to lowest class called 498A women.

  6. This is the irony of a developing country like India, that is claiming to be one of the most progressive economies but on the other end is still bound to primitive conceptions of women being the weaker, disadvantaged sex and sanctioning them undue privileges that are misused to their own peril. It is like the giving guns to kids of Je***di’s in name of holy war. They shed their own blood. Its like hammer in hand of monkey that destroys its own home. God help this country. Like one of my friends said, have no regrets of leaving this tribal nation.

  7. 498A girls should be put behind bars.. These girls are killing our society

  8. Before 2nd marriage, please do check if the girl you are marrying has extracted money from her first husband, by putting false dowry claims

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