AutoBiography of a Dowry Law Victim

My Struggle with Legal Terrorism

Why I am doing this…?

My Friend asked why I am doing this, posting everything on net to public….?
I laughed at him… and said.
To, her and world to know, that everyday I remember her; with the gift she gave to me with lots of love…..
My Friend looked at me with question mark….(?)
I said 498A.
He said, see man, if you write like this, she will read this and make her next move…
Who cares…
She never come court for any dates for last 7 years, other than filing this false 498a on me, what she will do now.
If she really harassed for dowry, why she is not coming to court to prove that she was tortured, harassed and humiliated.

Now you know, she her self proved that she filed false case. and same i wanted to show world that, in India, women use 498a as weapon to conceal their wrong doing and blackmail and harass innocent husbands.

Here i am, a live example of Legal Terrorism of India.
A Victim of Gender biased laws of India.

Now world will know why i am doing all this…..

1 thought on “Why I am doing this…?

  1. “Why I am doing this…?”

    Dude , you saved one person’s life. That’s me.

    I feel your story very closely matches to my story.

    Thought yet my wife has not filled 498a but they are on the same way.

    After reading your blog. I decided not choose suicide but to fight.

    You are my Guru !

    Hope no one will question you again.

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