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I seen many women will not object any rules and regulations till they get married(as its a Love Marriage) and PADMA is 28 years old, so she should be mature enough to know how is husband family before getting married to him.

As per her own words Good morals (She call it rules and regulations) hurt her, it means she want carefree(bindaas) life. not only that she raised voice too, in its actual mean, she shouted back, yelled at him.

When someone is satying in Joint family they have adjust, and they should not object what others are doing for themself, as this lady objected for some English movie which she call it SEX CD.

When man goes to his other relatives house, when he cant face arguing / grumbling wife for every word, that also today women will not digest and tell above that she will stop cooking.

After all, i never seen Indian women(sister) giving SEX CD to brother (anyone beleive this ?)

and blaming husband for all her mistakes, now she want to stay with him by force.

i can say Love cann`t be won by force. it should be give and take.