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THANK YOU ALL FOR UR ADVICE, I UNDERSTAND KEEPING MY SELF IN HIS POSITION. WERE IAM WRONG . FINALLY AS I FEEL THEY WANT ME TO Talk with them in this regard to win my husband i will try to fall to any extent. thats finally what i can do. as i have already told him iam sorry, and would not hurt him in any matter in life even if i get hurt by him or his family its in his hands to spoil my life or keep me happy.. at least as a human. i wish all u people pray for me and bless me for my future. a happy life with my husband. i do no that my miskae is i always felt he is mine and guided him but i undersrtand no matter what all humans are different no one can be the same even if there is love between them many matter vary in life . we need to be concious and not possive and spoil our relation. i believe all u people are in a stage to understand life and people and adviced me.. i have promised my self to proceed legaly in this matter personally nor by others force.. i still believe in my love and god that he would come to me. even if dose not still forgive me and no his mistakes also and give me life i will not hurt him only because he is my love.. may be one day he would realise my love and come back… he has told me to stay with him i his native but still before that he wants me to get my parents iam only afraid if his family make a mess and bring wrong toughts in his mind . i leave it to god, when i have relaised my mistake and asked sory to him only god has to save my future and give me happiness… i would not ask him one word if he says to leave him i will come out with tears silently… if he really has loved me he will come or i wil think he never loved me ,,, tis is my finaly decesion i shall catch u people with the finaly results once again thank u all for ur support.. thankyou very much kindly pray for me.. i dont no were all u r from but may be god has directd u people to help me guide me thanks a lot…