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IN FACT MY HUSBAND IS CONFUSED TO TAKE A RIGHT DECESION, HE IS WITH HIS FAMILY A BIG FAMILY, HIS PARENTS BRO -COSISTER, SIS-HER HUSBAND- AUNT UNCLE THEIR CHILDREN, AND SO ON. AND A AUNTY WOH HAS NO WORK SHE IS A WIDOW-HER DAUGHTER IS DIVORCEE, AND THERE IS WERE MY HUBBY ALWAYS USED TO GO SIT I DONT DOUBT ON MY HUBBY HE IS A VERY GOOD MAN I TRUST HIM THEY DONT HAVE BETTER WORK. ALL FEEL SINCE HE WENT AGAINST ALL AND MARRIED ME THAT TO IN TEMPLE I WILL DOMINATE HIM, HE WILL GO AWAY FROM ALL. SO ALL CAME IN A NICE WAY AFTER MARRIAGE AND FILLING HIS HEAD DO TIS DO THAT, KEEP UR WIFE IN CONTROL ETC. WHICH I ALWAYS FELT IN HIS WORDS.. SINCE I NO HIM A LOT. ALL THESE UNNESSARY WORDS ARE FROM HIS FAMILY I CAN GUESS AND CONFIRM.. I FEEL HE CHANGED A LOT. KEEPING HIS FAMILY. I WISH HE IS LIKE BEFORE. he always says respect in society people ect.. ya its also important but wife and her happiness is more important dont u people feel. i arranged money and wanted him to take me out of station on birthaday, he says if we go his parents and bro ect will feel bad that we are poor and we are going for trip.. this is the most one which hurted me.. how to make him understand, its our life iam his wife love he sholud care me that to is only few months of marriage..