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if a person truely loves he will do any thing in life for his love in my case he loved me faced against his family married and now listents to his family and hurts me how to make him understand his behivour hurts me a lot..littel thing in life i need his care his approval to do and make me feel happy, i should not were chappls at home sice i was sick with cold, his sis once told he dint allow me to e=were do u think he will allow to were . keeping this in mind he feels his sis will insult him if i were. what is all tis.. if i ask he feel angry.. same as keeping a maid. that too in my =earnings 200 rs is not a big deal.. he hates coz his mom was opposing my co- sister having maid at home if i do the same she will insult him,. being a husband he should no my problem thats y i used to talk and fight for it. is that my mistke tell me.