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Padma, if you feel that matters aor differences are of that nature that they can be resolved by communication, go for it and resolve them for the sake of your lives. By all means, if he is abusive and not willing to continue, only you will not be able to make the relationship work in long term. So, just take a firm stand and decide for yourself.

On a personal opinion, I would suggest not to go for litigations as this will only spoil your life and that of your children and will leave you penniless (this is what they are for). So, as a human being I would advice you to recover from this as early as possible and be self dependent. It is said that God helps those who help themselves and you will agree to the same one day if you try helping yourself getting out of this mess.

If both of you wish to get separated, you can always go for it through non litigation means by mutual consent.

Wishing you all the best … and hope you are able to clear up all confusions and take a good stand which can improve your life and that of your children.