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HI , RAJSREE , THANKS FOR UR REPLY, AS U SAID (please avoid accusing his sis for everything. By all means one should not state things like “his sis gave them those CDs” .. this is absolutely not possible …) THIS IS WHAT SHE AND HER HUSBAND DID THEY BROUGHT THE CDS WITH PLAYER TO MY HOUSE . iam not telling its their mistake or my husbands mistake.. i felt its a cheap work what all the three have done. as i said my husband watching naked girls let me be clear its not about man and women have x. my husband watching such things hurted me i was angry i dint speak a word he him self started stating that ” what ur angry if u dont like all this go sit in room” its all common when i told its a cheap work he kicks me back. dont u think this is sick.

i am feeling bad being sis she encourages bro and gets all this home to watch. dont u think she is a cheap girl. more over they act they family is very respect ful. u tell me all tis is good.u no my mistake is i feel bad i talk against such nasty things in his family. i speak truth wich has no value always. i need to sit back and watch then iam the best person in his family. no matter what they do. since i love my husband i just want to protect him from such cheap world. make him realise that it hurts my feelings. husband wife is a pure relation ship. god has give pleasures between us, instead i feel being man every amn should no tis.

Please keep the matters limited to you and your husband and don’t add his family members into the mess …..

Please keep the matters limited to you and your husband and don’t add his family members into the mess …..

yes i realised tis that duscussing such matters with others wil give way for my husbands insult in turn my insult.

as all u people said i have relaised were to talk what to talk were to stop. now just waiting to get back to my husband and start a new life. thank you

and being a good sis i never interfere in my bros personal life. i no its his life i can only guide him if he need a help and being a women i wolud take his wife side first and think and talk and suggest were he goes wrong. women have to be respected same as men. there are some men who really do respect women and be happy.

i dont say women are perfect in my matter i talk because he hurts me my feelings , i make him realise and fall down. tis is what happenes always. recently he went to his mom because i told i shall not cook if he always sits in his aunts house. he dose not realise why iam stopping him he dont have patients to listen even if i explain. i dont no why he is like tis after marriege. before that he used to be so patient . but one thing truely i can say after marriage due to his family members he has got this changes. they always say i wil be like elder co sis, i will were jeans , i wil get servant, i will were chappls at home, i will boss him. all tis is put in his mind by his family so he stops me whcih i no. if i talk he dont want any explaination. being in love and love marriage and staying seperatly any husband why he would stop his wife with such silly requests of mine. tell me. its clear he is afraid were his family will laugh at him if he allows mwe to do all this.