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YA I DO agree with u people, we are in a world were every thing is common and nothing looks wrong, no one can stop any one in such matters i feel, i am trying to be sati savitri which is not required in this society, but it dose not mean i wil change, i respect my husband and love him always and wish for his good always in life by my heart. i don’t want to blame him in any matter for beating or hurting me so far, i wish that one day he would realise what he has done , what he promised and loved me. sincere love still persists only people have to be sincere to each other i wish every husband wife be sincere and good to each other. its time only for him to realise how much i care for him may be tere is no one who would love him like me in this world. now i realise i wished my husband to be a perfect man in my life . and since i love him a lot since he is my property i felt possive in all matters. infact i was blind. i for got he is a human apart from he being bonding with me as a husband as a love. he has his own world to enjoy his own things to do. i felt iam every thing in life to him. but no iam just a part of his life. were i need to be in my limits . iam feeling bad only for this reason that i love him so much. may be if other girl was in my place she would have cooly divorced and been happy. since i love him i dont want to go far from him. at least i wish that he is in front of my eyes till i breath last. only god needs to correct him and give me a good life. if my love is happy enjoying his life in different ways i will not stop him. after all i wish his happiness in life. iam an emotional may be my emotions done not have value in his heart. i will change my self to see him happy tis is what is left over. but he need to come back , now that is the major point. iam afraid he may move to court will i be able to convence the court and ask the court to allow me to stay with him if he wants divorce. iam afraid if the court has value to my emotions and my life. pl let me no. will my words be enough to convence the court if at all he moves to court, what should i do. in this case. i am trying to solve it by the help of parents but if at all his family presures him to divorce . i want to no will my wish be fulfilled and can i convence the court to stay with him agreeing to all my mistakes let me pl.. this is a emotional matter will emotions have value at the court . as its only a year we gor married. can i convence the court that due to my emotions i may have hurt him but wish to leadmy life and the court has to give me permission to stay with him may be i feel he will change him by time, by my silence i have a feeling i can win his heart if given a chance to stay along pl tell me.