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KINDLY let me no. according to LAW , COURT, etc. what can i expect , what can i tell the court in my matter how can convence the law and make him be with me . i dont want his money even if he gives , when he is not there i dont wish to have his money without his care & love. i dont want to do business at any cost. even if he breaks the relationship stating that he would pay for me i feel its cheap i dont want any thing from him i will simply walk out. u no what , still his family specially his parents can tell him to stay with me but they want to take personal family gridges. as we got married without expences, his side they expected grand marrage due to financial problem i convenced my husband he new my problem agreed to marry in temple i told him we shall marry later due to shortage of funds he was the one to hurry due to his work problem, apart from tis as i said he went for the reason that i dint cook and opposed to go often to his aunty house as her daughter one had scolded him for having milk at the time of dinner, i dint want such things to reapeat. so i told him to not get scoldings again. i wish his good but inturn he hates it. apart from tis reason now they are asking me to get my mom and talk and insult us in some matter. i no they all are involved in he not calling and talking, apart from that they had meeting and planned to take gas book from me tru him. no matter whose fault till now he beat me i have my neighbours proof, but never want him to get insulted. but i feel help less as my family side only me parents are to talk . no supporters. his side huge bunch of people are enough to spoil his mind and our life. all were feeling bad that he went againt all and married me now they keep him and hurt me. people are so cheap sometimes. till now i never intened to hurt any one in his famliy. if i spoke that was due to their own mistakes. what u prople think in which way i need to proceed if he goes to court or divorce. what should i talk or convence to get him back. my wjhole life is depending on him. iam just 28. kindly let me no the rules of court or law. towards my problem and what judgement i can get. if at all the matter is taken to court.