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I spoke to l one of my husbands relative aunty who stays in the adjacent house in his native .she told me that my husband is planning to find a job in other city and informed all that he shall go far from all and stay. and if he dose so u cantt find him and so on .she said to come with mom and speak to them immediately. and my father in law told all are out of station for a trip till next week and to come contact next week.

i doubt that they are purposely delaying the matter and want him to go away and state that its his wish we cant do any thing. if such thing happens even after i taking my mom they say its his wish to depart what can i do. my husband phone is also off . i msg him that to forgive and forget the past and take me. if fact same thing happened in his elderbro life he had beaten badly to my co-sis and had run away for 4 months. then came back. my co-sis once had told me that his family purposely made him run away. kindly let me no, if in case after meeting them if his parents tell its his wish to contine. and if my husband leaves to other place what can i do.. should i file a case in this matter will he be bought to me and finalise the matter. see all they are dioing is a drama now. so many days i felt my husband need time to realise but now all are involved to break tis relation in some or the other way. as i said earlier his mom told him to stay in native as i dint want to cook. sholud i blame that my inlaws responsibility to get him there and now waving off their hands. i can surely tell they will do this mean while to end they want to also insult me my parents with other issues. pl tell me , its my life he married i agreed to be understanding even though its his fault always. now he denies to lookafter me as i said he needs to stay with me so that i can make him realise our problem, iam afraid if his parents leave on him and wash off their hands in fact he is there and all are involved in his support. let me no what can be done in such state after going and meeting them. should i file a case that we are going for a compromise and these are the issues happening. pl tell me URGENT.