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HI, THANK U for ur advice, as i said earlier too, i have realised my mistakes in tis relationship. infact i have realised my husband more than before which he was not. iam infact shocked for tis reactions.

but i feel still he is human with his own rules. but i feel bad that he never care to understand me even after telling that iam sorry for my mistakes infact my mistakes are very less compared to his. still i bow my head to him because he is my love i care for him. if u see i did only one thing i repeately made him realise his mistakes thats all as he never consoled me after i told him once if he consouls me once when i talk i would not have repeated telling the same.

now i make him realise he dosent want to listen. i only can feel he is sitting with his family and all are keeping him and making him think against me. This is the fact. In fact he told to come and stay in his native two weeks back before that my parents should come for a meeting with his parents. after that he came to collect money from me to give to his uncle which i had took, then he also asked for gas book i denied he beat me in road with his hand and helmet. i was simply wondering all were watching but i felt very back my husband beating me in road. in anger i told i will give complaint which i dint mean. For one year i never went to police i never want him to be insulted so. After which recently,

His aunty asked to meet his parents. my mom called them his mom and dad is talking only unwanted things i e. about the marriage, money, and they say my mom what we have done to her son in law, and she says her son is handsome so my mother made me to marry him, and about owner of the house were we stayed said that i gave complaints about his family inseams i am wondering what are their intentions And fights keeping him at home. He is not even reacting to my msg. nor speaking to me. he is totally against me. First of all he went with anger, now i can say he is totally listening to his family parents sister her husband brother his wife, aunty uncle etc. i no what they are all are jealous that i married him free of cost. That he is very handsome and he would have got better girl to his family money dowry ECT. iam so worried i just dont have words to tell. iam hurt so much he was the one who came behind me he was the one to tell his family is treating him bad, he was the one who saw the marriage date,. he was the one to get money from his parents. now he is sitting with them and making them talk. its so hurting i just feel he is so cruel. his family is so cuel. they are not even worried iam a girl. if they spoil his head with all such words he may leave me and go away. His parents can’t talk what is required to settle our life. But want to take revenge because i married his freely. He does also not even understand. He feels he is man he will get girls to marry and enjoy life. As his family is supporting him. They said they shall come home and speak. His parents come its ok but they want to get his bro and his wife makes her speak. I can say as she doesn’t know how to behave to ealders I need to see all this and sit. As u can analise in his family parents don’t talk they do meetings with other family members and create mess. If I talk iam afraid my husband will get angry and run away from there also I no. I don’t know what to do.