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FINALLY I HAVE decided, let all come let me see what they have to say. as i am right on my part. i am ready to face them. and wish the truth wins over lie. and hope my husband realises what kind of family he has. if still things go wroung i would only tell them iam married to their son, we had misunderstandings now iam ready to correct my self in all aspects and he too may realise his mistakes like beating and not supporting. even after that his family creats mess what can i do. because i am not sure any thing may happen they are so cheap people. after one years of marriage after my husband running back to his parents and family now they all keep him and come to fight on issues which is over instead of making us one and letting us to lead our life. then spoiling my husbands head against me and my family. some times people are so cruel they are so selfish i realised now. hope they dont give me a chance to make them stsnd in court. in this case i hope law would accept my problem and help me to stay with my husband . once i get a chance to stay with him i can really make him understand the truth, i trust my love he is with them so he is not allowed to talk with me he neds to do what they say.

i would say that i need my husband back i really dont want to loose him, i want him to take me with him and look after me in life as a good husband , leaving all matters and problems in our past, if they go out of limits i only want to fight for my rieghts to get my husbnad back in my life. thats all i dont have any intention to roam to court or station or insult my husband , its in his hands to avoid me to go to such extent to get him banck in my life,. i no its all bad and hurting and this matter amy lead to more problems and careless ness in my husbands attitude, i am worried really its hurting a lot. iam a women i need a husband to lead my life respectfully i dont want to loose him. more than all. iam feeling bad that all are trying to break our relationship. as ours is a love marriage, how can i forget his love, and be alive. its hurting…

pl advice me. at this stage what is my role. what best i need to do.